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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I send someone a photo?
You can have us email them a special link that will provide access to a photo without needing to be logged in. First enlarge the photo you would like to send by clicking on the photo or the "Zoom" link below the photo. Then click on the "Email this Photo" link below the photo (This link is also available when using the slideshow feature.) Fill out the form with the name and email address of the recipient and we"ll send them an email with a link to view the photo.
How can I see photos that were posted last year?
In the photos section, you can select a different Camp Season with the popup menu on the left side of the page. Using this menu, you can view photos from the past several years.
How can I organize my camper"s photos?
You can use our "My Albums" feature to collect and organize your camper"s photos. To get started, click on the "My Albums" link in the Photos section. In the "My Albums" area you can create as many albums as you would like (Some parents create one album for each camper.) Once you have created the albums you want, you are ready to start placing photos into them. Start browsing through the camp albums, and when you find a photo you like, click on the "Add to My Albums" link below the photo. You can return the "My Albums" section at any time to view the photos you have collected.
How can I delete a photo from an album?
You can you use the "Delete" button under a photo in your album to remove the photo. You can also delete an entire album from the "Manage Albums" page.
When are photos uploaded?
Photos are uploaded each camp day at the end of the day. Photos from events that continue on past the end of the camp day such as 49er trips and late nights will be posted the following morning and added on as a separate album to the prior day"s photos.
How can I create my own photo albums?
You can use our "My Albums" feature. Please refer to the "How can I organize my camper"s photos?" question above for more information.
Can I create more than one photo album?
You can create as many albums as you would like. In the "My Albums" section, click on the [Manage Albums] link. You can use this page to create additional albums.
Why aren"t there any pictures of my campers?
The idea behind ColemanTown is to give you a flavor of each camp day. While we keep careful records and make sure to circulate our photographers because we want to include as many children as possible each day, it is virtually impossible to capture every camper every day! We hope that you will enjoy each day"s photos and that when you see one that captures your own child, you will place it in your own family album! We are confident that over the course of the summer, you will happily come across numerous photos of your child enthusiastically engaged in camp activities. (If you look only for your own child, we think you will miss out on much of the flavor of life in Coleman Country!)
How can I navigate the slideshow?
There are two options for navigating the slideshow. You can use your mouse or your keyboard. To control the slideshow with your mouse, move the pointer over the slideshow. A set of controls will appear that you can use to pause, reverse, or fast forward with. You can also use your keyboard. The "P" key will pause and start the slideshow and the arrow keys will advance or reverse the photos.


How often are videos posted?
Videos will be posted throughout the week. You can always see a list of the last two videos that we have posted on the home screen when you login.


How can I change my password?
You can change your password in the "My Profile" section. Click on the "Edit Profile" link on the left. Enter your new password in both password fields and click the "Save Changes" button. If you are unable to login to your account to change your password, please refer to the question below, "I forgot my password. --How can I reset it?" for additional instructions on resetting your password.
How can I change my email address?
You can change your email address in the "My Profile" section. Click on the "Edit Profile" link on the left. Enter your new email address and click the "Save Changes" button.
I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
You can reset your password with our Password Reset tool. Simply enter the email address you used when you registered and we will email you a link that you can use to reset your password.
How do I invite family and friends to join?
You can invite others to join ColemanTown with our "Send an Invite" feature. This feature is only available to Parents and Guardians. To send an invitation, click the "Send an Invitation" button on the home screen or the "Send an Invite" link in the "My Profile" section. Fill out the form and we will send them an email with a link that they can use to create their own account.


What is a "Camp Code" and why is it required?
A camp code is a unique code that we have generated for you. It helps us identify you during the registration process to ensure that only our camp families gain access to this site. You only need to enter it once during the registration process. After you register, you will use the username and password you have selected to login, and you will be able to invite those you wish to be able to view ColemanTown.
When I try to register, why does it say that the username I have entered is already registered?
The username you have chosen has already been selected by a different camp family. You can keep trying names until you find one available. You can also try adding a number onto the username you have selected.
When I try to register, why does it say that my email address already exists?
An account has already been created with your email address. You can use our Password Recovery tool to reset the password on your existing account and regain access to it.